Are you looking for an emergency plumber in Paris?

Notre entreprise plomberie à Paris est présente sur ce secteur depuis des années, ce qui la dispose à être un partenaire de confiance pour vous sauver la vie quand il s’agit de pannes au niveau des équipements sanitaires. Nous vous apporterons une solution rapide et efficace à tous vos problèmes de plomberie.


    The service proposed

    The areas of expertise of our company Plumber Parisian:

    plumber and trouble shooters

    Upgrades gas

    Changement de sanitaires


    sludge removal

    Faucet maintenance

    Plus de services

    Leakage and water damage
    Renovation of the kitchen
    Bidet and bathroom installation
    Installation of sanibrinder, replacement of valve.
    Unclogging sink and sanibrush

    Do not hesitate to ask your questions about your future projects.

    ETS LEFEVRE guarantees you free and detailed quotes as soon as possible.
    Sectors covered by the interventions: The 11th arrondissement of Paris and its surroundings

    Free quote for plumbing maintenance in Paris

    Quick and free estimate for your plumbing, heating and sanitary installations. ETS LEFEVRE carries out all your installation projects for water softeners, piping, sanitary facilities of all brands.

    Are you looking for a plumber to carry out your sanitary installation, install a toilet, place an additional bathroom or ask for a free estimate for a sanitary installation of all brands.

    Call a professional plumber near you!

    Emergency plumber at the best price in Paris

    Plumber at your disposal, the guarantee of a quality intervention at the best price in the most urgent time. Plumbing work guaranteed.

    Troubleshooting water leaks and descaling of sanitary plumbing elements, unblocking Drains.

    Identify and repair water or gas leaks, change and troubleshoot water heaters, replace the flush and toilet, troubleshoot clogged pipes. Maintenance of the faucets and ensure its tightness by changing worn gaskets, replacement of faucets and sinks of all brands.

    Need a plumbing quote or invoice? From a licensed plumber in Paris and as quickly as possible? An acid unblocker or special tools? Can’t see a plumber outside of the weekend? Don’t have the plumbing tools to handle your repairs on your own? Are you looking for someone who is also from Paris so as not to pay too much travel expenses? Do not worry anymore ETS LEFEVRE is a company that adapts to your needs and requirements.

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