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Les plombiers de cette compagnie sont spécialisés dans les interventions rapides, très souvent ils interviennent déjà chez le client le jour même où il les a contactés. Ces artisans plombiers viennent chez vous très rapidement et tout en faisant en sorte que quand ils repartent votre problème sanitaire soit réglé et que la réparation soit faite.

De plus ils peuvent vous aider avec toute sorte de problèmes, qu’il s’agisse d’une canalisation affaissée ou encore d’une fuite d’eau dans votre douche plus ou moins grande. La polyvalence est de rigueur dans cette entreprise de réparateurs plombiers, ils travaillent quotidiennement sur des soucis à chaque fois différents ce qui en fait des spécialistes particulièrement agéris.

Si jamais vous avez une fuite d’eau, mais qui se trouve ne pas être visible ils peuvent encore venir chez vous aujourd’hui pour procéder à une détection de fuite d’eau et faire une intervention par caméra de manière à trouver la fuite. Naturellement si l’une ou l’autre réparation est déjà possible, ils y procèderont directement.


    The services offered

    The areas of expertise in our company Plumber Parisian:

    Plumber and troubleshooters

    Upgraded gas

    Changing the sanitary facility


    Sludge removal

    Faucet maintenance

    Plus de services

    Leakage and water damage
    Renovation of the kitchen
    Installation of  Bidet and bathrooms
    Installation of sanibrinder, replacement of valve.
    Unclogging sink and sanibrush

    Do not hesitate to ask your questions about your future projects.

    ETS LEFEVRE guarantees you free and detailed quotes as soon as possible.
    Sectors covered by the interventions: The 11th surrounding the paris

    Intervention more or less emergency

    This does not mean that you will not be able to ask one of our installers for a little troubleshooting. They’re quite capable of plugging a leak in galvanized piping that turns out to be cracked and leaking into your laundry room or kitchen. In this company of sanitary experts they have two sections: a section specializing in troubleshooting and a section for other interventions. This way you never wait, because the troubleshooter team is only there to help you as quickly as possible and the other team is not bothered by a busy schedule to do other guys. repairs or modifications to sanitary installations.

    Naturally the convenience stores are all versatile so that they can help you whether you have a problem with the drain of your bath which happens to be broken or the flush which is defective and leaking, they can change it. and help you the same day. Our troubleshooters don’t just do the plumbing, but they are also willing to help you with your boiler, help you weld a broken pipe or even help you with seized plumbing fixtures.

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    Camera inspection in case of water loss

    Nothing is more unpleasant than having water damage at home in your home. The first thing to do in this case is what you are thinking, which is to check your sanitary installation by detecting a water leak. There are several different control techniques for this, but of course the best known method is the thermal camera leak detection that the technician inserts into your pipe to locate the source of the water loss.

    When the client consumes too much water it often results from a leaky flush, one of the most common plumbing jobs. Of course, water infiltration can have other origins, for example a leaking using clothes the washing machine water inlet which flows without you noticing it or a cracked / broken pipe in the wall or in the ground. For the last example, you have no other solution to detect it than humidity. For the other problem the camera can be used by inserting it into a pipe. Nothing beats the camera in terms of precision for an intervention and therefore a repair without the possibility of error.

    Need a plumbing quote or invoice? From a licensed plumber in Paris and as quickly as possible? An acid unblocker or special tools? Can’t see a plumber outside of the weekend? Don’t have the plumbing tools to handle your repairs on your own? Are you looking for someone who is also from Paris so as not to pay too much travel expenses? Do not worry anymore ETS LEFEVRE is a company that adapts to your needs and requirements.

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