Bathroom renovation

Nous vous proposons de rénover votre salle de bain existante en remplaçant vos sanitaires et vos installations actuelles par des produits de qualité, aussi pratiques qu’esthétiques. Par exemple, nous pouvons aménager une douche dans votre baignoire pour gagner de la place, réaliser et poser un nouveau lavabo, etc.

Dans le respect de vos envies et de votre budget, nous vous proposons un projet sur mesure, que vous souhaitiez une salle de bain classique ou plus design.


    The services offered

    The areas of expertise in our company Plumber Parisian:

    Plumber and troubleshooting

    Upgraded gas

    Changing of sanitation facility


    Sludge removal

    Faucet maintenance

    Plus de services

    Leakage and water damage
    Renovation of the kitchen
    Installation of bidet and bathrooms
    Installation of sanibrinder, replacement of valve.
    Unclogging sink and sanibrush

    Do not hesitate to ask your questions about your future projects.

    ETS LEFEVRE guarantees you free and detailed quotes as soon as possible.
    Sectors covered by the interventions: The 11th arrondissement of Paris and its surroundings

    Complete installation

    ETS LEFEVRE designs your bathroom or shower room from A to Z. The company works in collaboration with the best manufacturers. Always informed of the latest market trends, we improve the functionality of your bathroom by offering you new modern and elegant installations, suitable for all tastes.

    ETS LEFEVRE also works in close collaboration, whose vast assortment makes it possible to meet all requests, even the most complex. A wide choice of colors, materials and models is at your disposal: free-standing or corner bathtubs, classic or Italian shower, etc.

    ETS LEFEVRE installs all your sanitary appliances, including taps and whirlpool equipment (sauna, jacuzzi, etc.). It will also put your furniture, your lamps and all the accessories for a bathroom as pleasant as it is functional.

    Request a detailed quote from ETS LEFEVRE for the complete layout or renovation of your bathroom in Paris and its surroundings!

    Call a professional plumber near you !

    What does the job of plumber in Paris consist of?

    Today, plumbers are not just the professionals called only for an emergency water leakage need. Plumbers can also work on many other types of work: installation of sanitary facilities, installation of swimming pools and spas, installation of heating systems … water, gas.
    Plumbers have mastered all of these installations! plumbers work according to the plan provided to them. They trace the direction of the pipe along the walls and partitions. He shapes the pipe by cutting the pipe to the required size.

    For example, they weld them together or connect them to radiators or sanitary fittings. They check if the system is functioning normally and if there are no leaks. They can install sanitary facilities, radiators and boilers in the places most suitable for its use. They ensure the adjustment and maintenance of all these installations.

    They also perform many emergency repairs to individuals. Plumbers most often work on construction sites. Depending on the importance of the work, they can work alone or in a team. The plumber’s job requires good physical condition, because etc. Plumbers often work in awkward positions and sometimes presage heavy objects. They may be required to work on Saturdays and on certain holidays, usually in emergency situations.

    How to contact plumbers in Paris ?

    It’s very simple, once a hose problem is detected. This sanitary maintenance specialist can help you in many situations related to your pipe network such as blockages or refurbishment of pipes, replacement or flushing of faucets, unblocked or blocked sink. Crowded toilets. Some plumbing companies are also able to renovate and renovate your bathroom from start to finish: bathtub, shower, sink, toilet, faucet, hot tub …

    Call a experienced plumber to solve your problems for an emergency

    If the service is fast and seems easy, it is thanks to the expertise and in-depth knowledge of the field. To resolve problems requiring rapid intervention, please contact our Parisian plumber company which provides you with a 24/7 service. Blockage, leak, broken pipeline …: this may require emergency repair services so don’t wait and call us without hesitation.

    How to contact a plumber ?

    Before you find yourself faced with any problem, learn about the specialties of plumbers in your area. Some of them take care of interventions requiring small equipment when others have decided to equipe themselves with more specific equipment for unblocking, for example. they will be better able to help you when reflux or bad odors are spreading in your home. Others, on the other hand, are competent for the installation of sanitary facilities. Also consider the rates usually charged by these professional plumbers. It often happens that prices vary for the scope of the work (time of the service, distance to be covered, time and day of the intervention, equipment used, etc.). Indeed, if a professional must travel in the evening, during weekends or on public holidays, his hourly rate will be higher than during the day, during office hours. Finally, if any defective parts need to be replaced, this will also have an impact on the total amount of your invoice. To get a clear idea, do not hesitate to ask for a free estimate if it offers one. You have little control over these costs, except on the cost of the professional’s travel. Preferably opt for plumbers from Brussels. You will therefore benefit from rapid intervention as well as a significant reduction in their travel costs, which means significant savings in time and money for you. When you contact him by phone, the plumber must already be able to give an estimate of the cost of his intervention and determine the cause of your problem, as well as the time necessary to carry out the repair: you need to be precise for this. in your request. Finally, by doing a little research beforehand, you will no longer run the risk of acting in an emergency and making the wrong choice. So, take the resolution now to contact a few plumbing experts in your neighborhood. You will be able to compare their quotes at your ease and call on one of them as soon as a problem arises. This is why we strongly advise you to contact several providers active in Paris and to keep their contact details under the elbow if necessary.

    Pipe leakage

    A running flush or a leaking faucet? Don’t the situation get worse and contact Vigo for any leakage problem in your kitchen or bathroom. Its team of qualified plumbers travels to all the municipalities of Brussels to quickly resolve all your sanitary problems.

    Need a plumbing quote or invoice? From a licensed plumber in Paris and as quickly as possible? An acid unblocker or special tools? Can’t see a plumber outside of the weekend? Don’t have the plumbing tools to handle your repairs on your own? Are you looking for someone who is also from Paris so as not to pay too much travel expenses? Do not worry anymore ETS LEFEVRE is a company that adapts to your needs and requirements.

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