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ETS LEFEVRE is a company with more than 15 years of experience in the field of plumbing in Paris, ETS LEFEVRE will accompany you as well in the renovation work, sanitary repair or the replacement of gas boilers and much more activities related to plumbing or in the field of heating.

ETS LEFEVRE intervenes in Paris IDFen urgently

A trip to your place of residence in less than 30 minutes


    The services proposed

    The areas of expertise in our company Plumber Parisian:

    Plumber and troubleshooting

    Upgraded gas

    Changing the sanitary facility


    Sludge removal

    Faucet maintenance

    Plus de services

    Leakage and water damage
    Renovation of the cuisine
    Installation of bidet and bathrooms
    Installation of sanibrinder, replacement of valve.
    Unclogging sink and sanibrush

    Dont hesitate to ask your question for your future projects

    ETS LEFEVRE guarantees you free and detailed quotes as soon as possible.
    Sectors covered by the interventions: The 11th arround the paris

    Plumber parisian

    For all your plumbing or locksmith work, call on Artisan Plombier Paris Amérique.
    Artisan Plombier Paris Amérique sells and installs kitchens and bathrooms.
    It also intervenes for the installation of your ventilation systems or for the repair of your boilers.
    Contact him for more information.

    Call a professional plumber near to you !

    What does the job of plumber in Paris consist of?

    water heater maintenance
    gas water heater maintenance
    water heater repair
    sanitary installation
    bathroom renovation
    sanitary enamel repair
    pipe unblocking
    water leak detection
    water pressure reducer installation
    washing machine installer
    wc leak
    water heater change
    faucet replacement
    sanibrinder repair
    plumbing emergency
    wc installation

    When you will contact a plumber in Paris ?

    It’s very simple, once a hose problem is detected. This sanitary maintenance specialist can help you in many situations related to your pipe network such as blockages or refurbishment of pipes, replacement or flushing of faucets, unblocked or blocked sink. Crowded toilets. Some plumbing companies are also able to renovate and renovate your bathroom from start to finish: bathtub, shower, sink, toilet, faucet, hot tub …

    call a experienced plumbers to solve your problems for a emergency

    If the service is fast and seems easy, it is thanks to the expertise and in-depth knowledge of the field. To resolve problems requiring rapid intervention, please contact our Parisian plumber company which provides you with a 24/7 service. Blockage, leak, broken pipeline …: this may require emergency repair services so don’t wait and call us without hesitation.

    How to choose your plumber ?

    for example. Thus, they will be better able to help you when reflux or bad odors are spreading in your home. Others, on the other hand, are competent for the installation of sanitary facilities. Also consider the rates usually charged by these professional plumbers. It often happens that prices vary for the scope of the work (time of the service, distance to be covered, time and day of the intervention, equipment used, etc.). Indeed, if a professional must travel in the evening, during weekends or on public holidays, his hourly rate will be higher than during the day, during office hours. Finally, if any defective parts need to be replaced, this will also have an impact on the total amount of your invoice. To get a clear idea, do not hesitate to ask for a free estimate if it offers one. You have little control over these costs, except on the cost of the professional’s travel. Preferably opt for plumbers from Brussels. You will therefore benefit from rapid intervention as well as a significant reduction in their travel costs, which means significant savings in time and money for you. When you contact him by phone, the plumber must already be able to give an estimate of the cost of his intervention and determine the cause of your problem, as well as the time necessary to carry out the repair: you need to be precise for this. in your request. Finally, by doing a little research beforehand, you will no longer run the risk of acting in an emergency and making the wrong choice. So, take the resolution now to contact a few plumbing experts in your neighborhood. You will be able to compare their quotes at your ease and call on one of them as soon as a problem arises. This is why we strongly advise you to contact several providers active in Paris and to keep their contact details if necessary.

    toilet repair for an emergency

    Craftsman Plumber Paris America

    hot water tank
    thermodynamic water heater
    sanitary plumbing
    sanitation camera
    shower cabin
    low-temperature, gas-fired condensing, electric, wall-mounted gas boiler, with suction cup

    Changing of sanitary facility

    Is your sink or bathtub clogged? Do you have a leak problem? Do you want to redesign your bathroom? You have landed on the right site.

    Whether you want a quick visit as part of a renovation of your various sanitary ware (from simple taps to Italian shower cubicles) or you would like to make an appointment for a maintenance, these experts are at your service. All descaling, troubleshooting and unblocking are carried out urgently. In addition, they will offer you the best prices and brands of water heaters, showers and bathtubs.

    We operate in the 11th a surroundings the Paris.

    All descaling, troubleshooting and unclogging

    ETS LEFEVRE operates throughout the 11th ,its surrounding the paris.

    Visible or invisible water leaks in Paris can have serious consequences and sometimes require major works. If you notice water damage such as moisture or mold stains on your walls, ceiling and floor leaks, or your bill is abnormally high, there is probably a water leak in your house. detect requiring a thorough thermal camera inspection if it is leaking from a hot water pipe. Contact us quickly without wasting time because your insurance can cover this water damage.

    Water leaks are sometimes difficult to locate. To do this, we use high-tech equipment that does not require opening or breaking walls unnecessarily.

    water heater maintenance
    water heater change
    shower cabin installer
    sink installation
    gas leak
    bathtub installation
    sink installation
    sanitary installation
    bathroom renovation
    plumber-chimney sweep
    toilet cleaning
    radiator cleaning
    water heater replacement
    plumbing fitting

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